Hi there! I’m 
Meagan Petri.

Living in Baltimore, Maryland and currently a Group Creative Director for Mindgrub. I lead the Agency-focused design team in creating websites, apps, digital marketing campaigns, and identity for a wide variety of clients from non-profits to higher education to healthy foods. I work with a multidisciplinary team of super talented folks to bring our creative solutions to life, delivering on the needs of the client and engaging with the end user.

With a strong foundation in graphic design, my curiosity has led me to seek out opportunities that have enabled me to grow my skillsets. From starting in print design with campaign work and identity to doing WordPress builds as a lead designer/front end developer, I had a strong foundation to launch me into UX/UI design. I’ve also taught graphic design studio classes on UX/UI, Digital Design, and Graphic Design fundamentals as an adjunct professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

When I’m not designing, I’m spending time with my family or snuggling my shiba inu, reading all the mysteries I can get my hands on, and tackling my (neverending) list of old house projects.